Shirogane Blue Pond

22 May 2013 – Biei

Shirogane is actually a name of a hot spring or Onsen. Outside the Onsen, there is a pond with blue color water which then named as Shirogane Blue Pond. The pond was a by-product of soil erosion control. The blue color comes from the aluminium in the water, which scatters the sunlight. That makes it turn blue.

There is not much to do in this place, within 5 – 10 minutes walk you might already finish seeing the whole site.






This post will be the last post of my Photograph Tour with Yoshi-san from Pension Jacatra. I feel really thankful for the chance to meet Yoshi-san and having the Photograph Tour (of course for staying in the Pension as well). Without any private transportation, it wont be possible to go around and see much of pretty Biei by yourself.