Shirogane Blue Pond

22 May 2013 – Biei Shirogane is actually a name of a hot spring or Onsen. Outside the Onsen, there is a pond with blue color water which then named as Shirogane Blue… Continue reading

Daisetsuzan National Park

22 May 2013 – Biei One amazing thing that included in the photography tour from Pension Jacatra is visiting┬áDaisetsuzan National Park. Before when we visited the trees and flower park, we got to… Continue reading

Biei Photograph Tour by Jacatra

22 May 2013 – Biei As i told you in my previous post, Pension Jacatra provides Biei Photograph Tour. It is an exclusive tour only for the guest. Advance booking is needed prior… Continue reading

Combini Snacks Episode 4

21 May 2013 – Biei Snacks we bought from several Convenience Stores on the way to and in Biei. Furano Straight Grape Juice This grape juice was bought from a local convenience store… Continue reading

Pension Jacatra

21 May 2013 – Biei At 5 PM, a van car was approaching us in front of Biei Station. Inside was a guy with bright colour outfit of green and orange, named Yoshi-san.… Continue reading


21 May 2013 – Biei From Otaru, we rode Airport Rapid Train to Sapporo. Then took a one carriage train from Sapporo to Biei. There were not many passengers using the train to… Continue reading

LeTAO & Kitakaro

21 May 2013 – Otaru I believed LeTAO is quite famous among tourist. In a small city of Otaru, they have 5 stores with different concepts. The head store was located in front… Continue reading

Otaru Orgel

21 May 2013 – Otaru Our second day in Otaru was as short as the first. We checked out right away from Hotel Sonia and put our bags in station’s locker. Afterwards, we… Continue reading


20 May 2013 – Otaru Using Shinkansen Super Hokuto 9, we departed to Sapporo station from Hakodate. Along the way, we were sleeping wakelessly (might as well snoring). From Sapporo station we continued… Continue reading

Fort Goryokaku

20 May 2013 – Hakodate From Motomachi District, we walked to nearest station which is Jujigai (thanks to ipad and simcard, we had internet connection anywhere). While walking to Jujigai station we saw… Continue reading